The Bowers Family

Nigel Thomas Bowers , Biddulph, Staffordshire

Ronald James Bowers Father
Mary Olive Hill Mother

Well I am at it again and been motivated by the recent television programs on the BBC.

Ronald James Bowers was married to Mary Olive Hill in 1945, at St Lawrence Church, Biddulph. He was the son of James Bowers and Hannah Lawton.

His mother Hannah (nee Lawton) was born in 1902 and came from 5 Brook Street, Brown Lees. Her father was a Charles Lawton.

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The Bowers Connection

Birth James Bowers ( Great Granddad ) is born in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire and is christened on 26.2.1837. Although not confirmed, mother given as Eliza Bowers
Census Address - Bradley Street, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
  William Frost, 70 years, Labourer
  Alice Frost, 55 years
  James Bowers, 4 years ( Strange connection ! )
Census Address
  Elizabeth Austin, 59 years, b in Leeds, Head of Household
  James Bowers, ( Great Great Granddad ), 24 years, a labourer born in Uttoxeter, Stafford
  Hannah Beedham, ( Great Great Grandmother ), 29 years, born in Leeds, Yorkshire
  John Beedham, 5 years, b 1856 in Liverpool
  Eliza Beedham, 3 years, b 1858 n Tunstall
  Thomas Meredith, 25 years, Lodger
  Charles Mayne, 28 years, Visitor
Marriage James Bowers marries Hannah Beedham in a civil service at Wolstanton - ref WRO/06/024
  2.5.1862 James Bowers ( Great Granddad ) is born in 76 Well Street, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent. Father is James Bowers ( Great Great Grandad ) and mother is Hannah Bowers, late Beedham, formerly Higgins
Census To be accesed
Census Address - 6 Fords Bank, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent
  James Bowers, ( Great Great Granddad ), 44 years, a labourer born in Uttoxeter, Stafford
Hannah Bowers, ( Great Great Grandmother ), 49 years, born in Leeds, Yorkshire
James Bowers, ( Great Granddad )18 years , an Ironworker, born Tunstall
Ada Bowers, 11 years , b 1869,
Amy Bowers, 6 years, b 1874
John Beedham, 25 years, b 1856 in Liverpool
Census Address 30 Temple Street, Tunstall
  Mary Bowers, 26 years Head of household, occupation Tailoress
  Hannah Bowers now 60 years,
  Ada Bowers, 21 years, a Pottery Transferrer
  Amy Bowers, 16 years, Pottery Paintress
  ( No record of James Bowers who should be 54 years )



30.6.1895 see the marriage of James Bowers, 33 yrs an Ironworker of Peakes Row, Tunstall to Emily Maud Reeves, 20 yrs . They marry at St Mary's Church, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent and the marriage is witnessed by John Mack and Emma Cructhley ( Verifed by marriage certificate)
Ada Bowers marries George Stockley
  Mary Ann Bowers marries Sampson Abberley at St Margarets, Wolstanton
  James Bowers is born ( Granddad )
Census Address - Peakes Row, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent
  James Bowers, 37 yrs Head , born Tunstall
Emily Bowers, 27 yrs
Harriett Bowers, 7 yrs daughter
John Bowers, 5yrs, son
James Bowers, 3 yrs son ( Granddad )
Reginald Bowers, 7 mths
  Harry Bowers is born, but is tragically killed in a minng accident at Victoria Colliery in 1919, aged 16 yrs. He is buried in Biddulph Church yard dated 20.2.1919

Albert Bowers, is born 14.6.1908 -

Information from uncle Harry about Albert Bowers. He was a Chief Petty Officer sick berth attendent on HMNZS Achilles, which became famous in 1939 as it was involved in the Battle of the River Plate,

link : http://www.historybecame

  Frank Armentiers Bowers is born
On 8.3.1920 James Bowers, 22 yrs, a miner, marries Hannah Lawton, 18yrs at St Lawrence Church, Biddulph an it is witnessed by Harriett Hillman and John Bowers. (Verified by certificate)
  Harold (Harry) Bowers is born
  Ronald James Bowers is born (My Dad)
  Muriel Bowers is born





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