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Just turned 18 years of age signs up for the Army, 3 years in the colours and then 9 years in the reserve. for the Army.


He is to report at Lichfield barracks at 10am


Thomas has been given a Furlough from No 81 R.G.A. (Royal Garrison Artillery) - Leith Fort and he is to proceed to Norton in the Moors. He must reurn to his unit on 3.1.1906.

15.7.1907   Another Furlough from R.G.A. Company 211 - Leave / Travel to Proceed to Burton on Trent pending transfer to the reserves. Permission to wear plain clothes  
14.8.1914   Departs Southampton on the TSS Caledonia bound for France  
7.12.1914   Letter home to his dear wife Nell- '.......raining constantly, cold, a treat to see a nice fire and the inside of a house after being in a tent so long. Letter from Mrs Buckley this morning and she is sending me a parcel for XMAS and she is sending you and the lads one too.  
1914   Extracts from Army Book 64 - Soldiers Pay Active Service  

The Regular Army -

The Artillery -



No9 Stationary Hospital 1914

My granddad Thomas Edwin Hill was one of the first soldiers to go to France, 21st August 1914, but according to his pay book, he spent some time at the No9 Stationary Hospital. I have been searching the internet and found some facts about the hospital. No9 stationary hospital would have been one of many hospitals, which were usually located near to the respective army groups. It does say 2 stationary hospitals per Army division, 400 casualties in each. No9 Stationary Hospital was located at St Nazaire from September 1914 to Le Harve from October 1914 to November 1914. Granddad Hill stated he was at the hospital, but I can not find out why. Was he injured or stationed at the unit.

The evacuation procedure is described on this web site:



Thomas Edwin Hill - Old Contemptibles World War 1

The Old Contemptibles Association was a voluntary group of old soldiers who had served in the pre-war all-professional regular British Army that became the British Expeditionary Force of late 1914. They were that select band who served in France and Flanders between 5 Aug and 22 Nov 1914 and received the 1914 Star (the "Old Contemptibles" medal). The term comes from a reference to the B.E.F. by the Kaiser (or one of his generals) as "that contemptible little army". As is their way, the British soldiers inevitably took this as a reverse compliment and adopted it as their nickname.
The Association was disbanded some years ago when its members became too elderly and frail to continue their meetings and commemorative services.


8th Division RGA

The Battle of Neuve Chapelle, 10 - 13 March 1915


7th Division RGA

'One of the greatest fighting formations Britain ever put into the field': Cyril Falls.

The Battle of Aubers Ridge, 9 May 1915

11.4.1915   3rd Heavy Battery  
20.5.1915   113th Heavy Battery  
1917   He joins the 126th Heavy Battery and below is a list of his deployments......  

24 Apr 17 - 28 May 17 - at Leivin

29 May 17 - 3 Jul 17 - Calonne

4 Jul 17 - 6 Dec 17 - Mazingarbe

7 Dec 17 - 9 Dec 7 - Houchin

9 Dec 17 - 25 Dec 17 - Eecke

26 Dec 17 - 14 Feb 18 - Ypres

15 Feb 18 - 20 Feb 18 - On the road

21 Feb 18 - 3 Mar 18 - Beaulencourt

4 Mar 18 - 22 Mar 18 - Femy Wood

Night 11/12 Mar 18 - Series of gas bombardments in battery areas. Battery suffered hard.

13 Mar 18 - Heavy gas shelling all night on both sections.

14 Mar 18 - Two officers and 70 other ranks, including whole Right Section, evacuated to C.C.S. (wounded/gased). Heavy gas shelling on both sections from 8 pm to midnight.

15 Mar 18 - One officer and 10 other ranks evacuated (gassed).

23 Mar 18- Trescault, Trescault, Ruyaulcourt and Rocquigny

24 Mar 18 - Le Transloy and Albert

25 Mar 18 - Bouzincourt

26 Mar 18 - Acheux

27 Mar 18 - Raincheval

28 Mar 18 - 29 Mar 18 - Varennes

30 Mar 18 - 12 Jun 18 - Englebelmer


Thomas Edwin Hill and Elizabeth Ellen Fallows

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